3 Days trip from Bangalore to Uttar Kannada, Honnavar-Shimoga-Kodachadri

A trip to Unexplored places in Karnataka – Our Journey trail : Bangalore – Tumkur- Lakkavalli dam- Ikkeri – Murudeshwar – Sharavathi river- Honnavar –Mavinkurve Island -Apsaragonda beach,  Kasarkod -Sigandur – Kodachadri –Shimoga- Bangalore

Day 1 :

Our next trip started on Saturday early morning from 5:30AM in a Tempo traveller with 8 travellers.  As usual, we explored the Yummy bennay thattai idli ( Flat butter idli) for breakfast at Tumkur circle, which is part of our trip.

Lakkavalli Dam at Bhadra River , Shimoga  :

First, we went to Lakkavalli Dam, which is constructed at Bhadra Rive, Tharikere -Shimoga .It was designed by Sir M Visvesvarayya and was built up in 1947 with 194’ height and 5604’ length, but commissioned during 1965. Need to travel 2km from Lakkavalli in Tarikere Taluk to reach this Dam.

Lakkavali Dam

Route & Distance: Bangalore – Tumkur- Lakkavalli dam – 270 Kms with 6 hours journey

Lunch, we had in a home near Kuvempu University, Shimoga. Our trip organiser Yogesh from Bangalore explorers always ensures we get the authentic food of that region .The homemade food was awesome and we had a different experience by having authentic lunch at home instead of restaurant. The specialty was, the entire family involved in cooking and serving, including an old lady who is the head of the family offered as Pan with an amazing smile while leaving.

Homemade Lunch

Ikkeri Aghoreshwara Temple :

Ikkeri is 6Kms from Sagara Taluk in Shimoga and it was the capital of the Keladi nayaks Dynasty, Ikkeri means two streets.

The Ikkeri Aghoreshwara temple is an ancient temple dates to Vijayanagara Architecture with intricate carvings and belongs to the16th Century. Lord Shiva is the main deity and the entire temple is built of granite, in a unique mixed architecture styles of Vijayanagara architecture, the Karnata Dravida, the style of the Chalukya dynasty and Hoysala Empire,  the Deccan sultanates architecture .

Ikkeri Aghoreshwara Temple

The huge Nandi bull statue was carved out of white spar.

Ikkeri Aghoreshwara Temple

Ikkeri is a protected monument of archaeological department, Ample parking space available in front of the temple.

Route & Distance : Lakkavalli Dam – Sagara in Shimoga – 105 Kms – 2hours

Near by attractions in Sagara : Jog Falls , Keladi Rameshwara Temple , Varadamoola – The origin of the river Varada, Mallikarjuna Temple, Kedareshwara Temple

Stay : We decided to stay in a home stay at Murudeshwar, decent place with nominal price for the group stay

Homestay at Murudeshwar

Day 2 : Explored the Unexplored places in Karnatak

Sharavathi River :

We crossed the Sharavathi river and reached Sharavathi backwater to visit Mavinkurve Island. The origin of this river is Ambuthirtha in Thirthahalli Thaluk, Shimoga. The famous Jog Falls are formed by Sharavathi river, which is 24Kms away from Sagara town.

Sharavthi River

Near by attractions : Trek to Bagalla gatta at Sharavathi backwaters valley

Mavinkurve Island :

Mavinkurve Island is located on the Sharavathi river side at Honnavar Taluk , Uttar Kannada District. “Mavin” means Mango and “Kurve” means basket .Mavinkurve is a beautiful small island in the West Coast of India. Reached this Island thru a motor boat Its only us and few residents of that Island.

Mavinkuruve Island, Honnavar

Surrounded with lush green and the coconut tree planted in the shores gives a similar feel like Alleppy houseboat experience. People are friendly,  calm and helpful. When we took a walk around in the island, we can witness a heavenly calm and peaceful life. Sharavathi backwaters and this island are a less known weekend getaway from Bangalore.

Mavinkuruve Island, Honnavar

We walked through the paddy fields and reached NavaDurga temple . Lunch is served in this temple, and it was really tasty because the pojari family also involves directly in cooking, and there are no restaurants around.

Paddy field at Honnavar Island

The specialty of this place was handmade locks. This place is a settlement of iron Smith’s and due to technology advancement this handmade locks art is slowly dying.

NavaDurga temple , Honnavar

While returning we went for a boat ride on the very clean Sharavathi river backwaters for more than 2 hours. One can enjoy the ride in the middle of the backwaters, surrounded by  mangrove forest and sighted few rare birds .


Mavinkuruve Island

During evening time the entire atmosphere changed as a beautiful scenic place because of long Kongam railway bridge which runs across the Sharavathi river, birds humming sounds, water splashing sound and only us in the boat with a gentle breeze . And this place has added more colors to our trip.

Kongan Bridge accross Sharavathi BackWater

Apsarakonda beach at Kasarkod , Honnavar

On the way back to home stay at Sigandur we went to the Apsarakonda beach (Means pond of Angels) at Kasarkod , Honavar – Uttar Kannada District. We reached at the top of the hill and took the steps down to reach the beach. The theme park is constructed well like a wild theme park and stone benches are available to sit, relax and enjoy the sunset in the Arabian sea. It’s a pristine beach, no crowd at the beach and as usual the entire beach is ours for that evening 🙂

Apsarakonda Beach, Honnavar


Apsarakonda Beach, Honnavar

Distance : 6Kms from Honnavar

Apsarakonda Waterfall at Kasarkod , Honnavar

It’s a seasonal waterfall and we can locate it before entering the Apsarakonda beach theme park . Steps available to reach the base of the waterfall, good attraction point for near Honnavar and a suitable place to play in water and to relax. The water flows through the roots of the fig tree and natural caves hidden behind the trees.

Apsarakonda Waterfalls, Honnavar (Picture Courtesy – Google)

Distance : 6Kms from Honnavar

Pandava Caves near Apsarakonda Beach:

Pandava caves also available nearby and according to mythology Pandavas stayed during their Vanavasa.(Exile)

Pandava Caves, Apsarakonda – Honnavar ( Picture Courtesy Google)

Stay : Homestay at Sigandur

Day 3:

Chowdeshwari Temple – Sigandur :

Day 3 started to explore the unexplored places in Karnatka and first we visited to one of the famous temple called Chowdeshwari at Sigandur in Sagar Taluk. This temple is surrounded by hills and Sharavathi backwaters on the other side. The main Goddess is Chowdeshwari. There are ferries which carry the vehicles as well as people from one end to the other end of the shore.

Chowdeshwari Temple, Sigandur

Kodachadri – Shimoga:

It’s a dense forest in the Western Ghats and more than 1400 meters above sea level. Kodachadri is the  10th highest peak in Karnataka and it’s a trekker’s paradise

We hired a jeep and our next journey started towards Kodachadri. Around 11 Kms travel by jeep and in which 5 Kms was thru muddy – bumpy – steep roads inside the forest .

Kodachadri Trek

The jeep ride ends at base camp and from there we trekked up the hill for 2 kms . Even though it was a bit hectic, the walk through the edges on top of the hills with a beautiful view motivated us to cross every peak. The Sunlight was better and able to see the green hills … hills… hills all around.

Kodachadri Hills


Trekking trail in Kodachadri Hills


Kodachadri Hills

While returning it started to drizzle and the whole climate changed, trip ended with a breezy cool walk back to base camp 🙂

Its always a pleasure to visit the unexplored places in Karnataka.



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