Badami Caves located at Bagalkot District in Karnataka, formerly known as Vatapi and belongs to 6th Century and the ancient capital of  Chalukya Kingdom.It’s an architectural marvel and a must visit place in Karnataka for its historical ancient architectural. This monument is a fine blend of South Indian Dravidan style and North Indian Nagara style and Badami caves also called as home of cave temples.

 The Pallava King Narsimhavarman1 (Who ruled Tamilnadu) assumed the title of ‘Vatapikonda’ (Conqueror of Vatapi), when he defeated and killed Pulakesin II (Chalukya King) and ransacked the Chalukyan capital, Badami in 642 AD. Initially Chalukys King Pulakesin II attached Pallava Kingdom, which was ruled by Mahendravarma, father of Narsimhavarman1. The Vatapi battle took place between Pallavas & Chalukyas at Vatapi Alias Badami in 642 and Pallavas ruled unitl 654

Places to visit in Badami:

  • Four Cave temples
  • Jamma Masjid / Dargah – On the left hand side before entering Agastya lake from Cave side
  • Agastya Lake
  • Buddihist cave Behind Bhootnath temple
  • Bhootnath group of Temples – Facing the Lake
  • Upper Shivalaya & Lower Shivalaya temple – opposite to Badami Caves
  • Badami fort – on top of the hills & opposite to Badami caves
  • Dattatreya temple, Malikarjuna Temple
  • Rock cut Natural fan inside the temple on top of the hill
  • Gelatine / gun powder storage on top of the hill ( undestroyed)
  • Archaeological museum
  • 14th century Watch tower
  • Banshankari Temple

Half a day is required to see all these places in detail.

How to reach Badami:

  • By Road : Bangalore – Badami 450 Kms Via NH48 & NH50 . Approx 9 to 10 hours to reach.
  • By train : Bangalore – Bijapur
  • By fight : Nearest Airport is Hubli

Where to stay in Badami :

Near to Badami bus stand itself you can find good hotels with reasonable cost. we tried to book home stay for our group , however we couldn’t find any homestay at Badami. Only at Bagalkot e found a good homestay with descent price.

Badami Cave Temples:

The 4 cave temples stand for the secular nature of the rulers and incline towards Hinduism, Buddism & Jainism

Cave 1

Dedicated to Lord Shiva and the oldest cave excavated in 550AD,need to climb around 40 steps,
Cave 2
Dedicated to Lord Vishu, Varaha avatar statue, boar of Krishna is available here.

Cave 3

This cave also dedicated to Lord Vishnu

Cave 4

This template is dedicated to Lord Mahavir and devoted to the founder of Jainism.(Jain Tirthankaras )
It’s worth to pay Rs 500 and have a guide with you who gives extra details about the construction, history and the story behind the sculpture and each caves.

Agastya Teertha / Lake:

The Agastya Lake is surrounded by rugged red sandstone hills. One side we can witness the rock cut 4 caves.Once we step down from the caves,  take a right turn to reach the Agastya Lake. Need to cross a small passage to reach the lake and you will experience an awesome 360 degree view of the rugged red Rock cut 4 caves on your right hand side.

Jamma Masjid / Dargah :

One small Jamma Masjid also located on left side before reaching the lake.

Buddihist Cave

The guide took us around the lake and we crossed a small cave where in we found a Budha statue, need to crawl and go inside. This Buddihist cave is located behind the Bhootnath temple.

Bhootnatha group of Temples:

Bhootnatha group of temple belongs to 7th Century and sandstone shrines dedicated to the holy being Bhuthanatha. The majestic Bothanatha temple you can see just in front of you on the other side of the lake. During monsoon you can also witness a waterfall from the cliff behind the Bothanatha temple which is mesmerizing.

Way to Upper Shivalaya Temple
Trekking trail to reach the another fort and upper Shivalaya temple:

Upper Shivalaya Temple:

Lower Shivalaya Temple at Badami:

4 Caves and fort view from upper Shivalaya Temple:

 14th century Watch tower:
Natural rock cut fan at Upper Shivalaya temple and the wind blow is too high and amazing architecture. 
Gelatine / gun powder storage on top of the hill ( Behind Upper Shivalaya Temple)

Badami Forts is spread across two hills, North side fort is just on top of the first cave and royal family stayed there and Tippu Sultan’s famous cannon you can find it here.

On the South side fort Upper Shivalaya temple, ruined palace,  double Gelatin / gun powder storage construction and Tippus treasury building.

When we started to descend crossed huge rocks surrounded felt that this ancient city is a Silent spectator of the fall of the great dynasty.



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