India is also famous for mysterious caves with astonishing architecture, stunning sculptures and carvings. Cave exploration is a magical moment when we visit these places to know the heritage if India. Caves always impress us with the unusual experience the moment we step inside the caves and when we hear about the history of that place.

Few unexplored caves near Bangalore is suitable for day trips & 2 day trip.

  • Badami Caves | Bagalkot 
  • Chitradurga Caves | Bangalore
  • Yana Caves |
  • Kavala Caves | Dandeli
  • Sugriva Caves |Hampi
  • Pandava Caves | Mangalore
  • Harvelam Caves | Goa
  • Antharagange | Bangalore
  • Hulimavu Cave Temple | Bangalore
  • Aihole Caves | Bagalkot
  • Dodda Ganesha Cave Temple | Bangalore
  • Nellitheertha Caves | Mangalore
  • Gavipuram Cave | Bangalore
  • Guhantara Caves | Bangalore
  • Panchalinga Cave | Ulavi
  • Belum Caves ( Andrapradesh) | Near Bangalore
Badami Caves, Bagalkot
Badami Caves located at Bagalkot District in Karnataka, formerly known as Vatapi and belongs to 6th Century and the ancient capital of  Chalukya Kingdom.It’s an architectural marvel and a must visit place in Karnataka for its historical ancient architectural. This monument is a fine blend of South Indian Dravidan style and North Indian Nagara style and Badami caves also called as home of cave temples.

Harvalem Caves | Goa
Rock cut caves known as Arvalem caves ( harvalem caves) and it’s situated within 1km from Arvalem water falls in Goa . Its also called as pandva caves and its from 6th century, This places is less crowded place and one of the unexplored place in Goa. Pandavas sought refuge in this caves during exile as per Mahabarata. People says during the 12 years exile, pandava brothers were lived here. 5 portions available and a Linga is placed in the middle portion . The cave is small and not a big one.