The massive amount of caves in India not only attracts the travelers, it does also reflect our history, glorious past, culture, tradition and spirituality. It’s Worth to explore few mysterious caves and cave temples in each state. These mythical and ancient caves promise far more than sheer excitement and exploration, they also offer loads of tranquility, harmony and spiritual ecstasy.

Few unexplored caves near Bangalore is suitable for day trips & 2 day trip.

  • Badami Caves | Bagalkot 
  • Chitradurga Caves | Bangalore
  • Yana Caves |
  • Kavala Caves | Dandeli
  • Sugriva Caves |Hampi
  • Pandava Caves | Mangalore
  • Harvelam Caves | Goa
  • Antharagange | Bangalore
  • Hulimavu Cave Temple | Bangalore
  • Aihole Caves | Bagalkot
  • Dodda Ganesha Cave Temple | Bangalore
  • Nellitheertha Caves | Mangalore
  • Gavipuram Cave | Bangalore
  • Guhantara Caves | Bangalore
  • Panchalinga Cave | Ulavi
  • Belum Caves ( Andrapradesh) | Near Bangalore

India is also famous for mysterious caves with astonishing architecture, stunning sculptures and carvings. Cave exploration is a magical moment when we visit these places to know the heritage if India. Caves always impress us with the unusual experience the moment we step inside the caves and when we hear about the history of that place.

Badami Caves, Bagalkot


Badami Caves located at Bagalkot District in Karnataka, formerly known as Vatapi and belongs to 6th Century and the ancient capital of  Chalukya Kingdom.It’s an architectural marvel and a must visit place in Karnataka for its historical ancient architectural. This monument is a fine blend of South Indian Dravidan style and North Indian Nagara style and Badami caves also called as home of cave temples.

Harvalem Caves | Goa


Rock cut caves known as Arvalem caves ( harvalem caves) and it’s situated within 1km from Arvalem water falls in Goa . Its also called as pandva caves and its from 6th century, This places is less crowded place and one of the unexplored place in Goa.

Pandavas sought refuge in this caves during exile as per Mahabarata. People says during the 12 years exile, pandava brothers were lived here. 5 portions available and a Linga is placed in the middle portion . The cave is small and not a big one.

Chandravalli Caves | Karnataka

Chandravalli is a pre-historic archaeological site in Chitradurga District, Karnataka. This valley is formed by three hills, Chitradurga, Kirbanakallu and Cholagudda hills. The Chandravalli cave temple is also known as an Ankali mutt as saints from Belgaum came here for mediation.

During the excavation work of the archaeology department  during 1909, they found painted pottery, Coins and also it was found that Chandravalli was colonized from the iron age.

Yana Cave| Karnataka


Yana Caves located between Kumta and Sirsi at Uttara kannada District in Karnataka. The off road drive through forest gives you a fresh feel and an adventures ride. The two massive monoliths rocks are composed of solid black, crystalline karst limestone. Yana is a well known pilgrimage place because of the cave temple and surrounded by thick forest.

Kavala Cave | Dandeli


This natural cave is located at Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary and one of the famous tourist place in Dandeli. Need to climb 400+ steps to reach is tiny cave and need to crawl 40ft further to reach the naturally formed Shivlinga. This place is open for 2 days only in a year.

Sugriva Cave | Hampi


It’s believed that the mythical monkey king hidden Sita Devi’s jewel here when king Ravana abducted her. This Sugriva Cave is a famous tourist place located on the way to King’s balance near the river side. One can witness many carved foot prints on the floor.

Belum Cave | Kurnool


The Belum caves in Karnool, Andhra Pradesh is the 2nd longest cave in India. The maze of tunnels winds around 3230 meters and one of the famous caves in India. The unique stone formation, twists and turns bestow a unique experience.