Coutrallam, also called as Kutralam is the real “Natural SPA of South India. Kutralam waterfalls are located at Tenkasi, Tiruneveli District at the foothills of Western Ghats.

This waterfalls world is consist of many waterfalls with 30 to 40 ft height. This famous waterfalls in India attracts huge crowd during the season due to the ayurvedic water which flow through dense forest from rivers such as Manimutharu, Thamirabarani, Pachaiyar and Chittar

Best time to Visit Kutrallam – June to September

  • Main Falls – Peararuvi
  • Five Falls – Intharuvi
  • Old Courtallam Falls – Pazhaya courtallam
  • Sittraruvi / Chitraruvi– Small falls
  • Tiger Falls – Puliaruvi
  • Shenbagadevifalls – Champak falls
  • Thenaruvi ( Honey Falls)
  • Palaruvi ( Milky falls)
  • Gundaru Falls
  • Papanasam Dam
  • Pazhathotta aruvi ( Fruits garden falls)
  • Pabanasam Kalyantheertham
  • Agasthiyar Falls – Pabanasam
  • Thirumalai Aruvi ( Thirumalai falls)

Main Falls – Peararuvi

One of the biggest waterfall in Kutrallam waterfalls with 60ft height. Safe to take bath with the famous body massage in Kutrallam.

Main falls in Kutrallam

Five Falls – Iyntharuvi

Five falls is the famous waterfall in India with water flows in 5 branches. Separate sections available fro men and women, so it’s quite safe for all age group.

Waterfalls in Coutrallam

Five falls – Iyntharuvi

Waterfalls in Courtallam

Five falls – Iyntharuvi , Coutrallam

Old Courtallam Falls – Pazhaya courtallam

The old Kutrallam is located at 8Kms away from Main falls. Kutrallam is part of the Agasthiyamalai Range in western ghats bearing the sage Agasthiya.

Waterfalls in Kutrallam

Waterfalls in Kutrallam


Pabanasam Waterfalls



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