When we got the new trip announcement for this weekend monsoon trip to “Dhumiko Halla Waterfalls” most of us hesitated to enroll for this trip, thinking it’s a prank because of the funny name and we couldn’t find this waterfall in Google.

This was my 40th trip with “Bangalore Explorers” in the last one & half years, hence with little faith decided to explore this new waterfall instead of watching TV at home, because Yogesh  the organizer, will ensure that we explore something new in all the trips. It could be about a place, culture, history or food and always a stress buster trip.

Dhumiko Halla waterfall is located next to Thally and this place is also called as Little England by Britishers, for its super cool climate, valley, waterfalls and greenery.

About out trip to Dhumiko Halla Waterfall:

First, we reached the Bannerghata temple and took a right towards Kaggalipura, from 20Kms from Bangalore the awesome forest drive starts. We found lots of localities everywhere and then we notices that a bridge got submerged due to heavy rain in Bangalore.


Hence we took an alternate route and throughout the way we witnessed water overflowing across the road and it’s fun to watch mini waterfalls everywhere.

Thally forest – Rain water overflowing across the road


Winding roads


Before entering the waterfall trekking trail, we met a Sheppard and he warned us that elephants roaming around in that place.

Dhumiko Waterfall trek starting point

So with little fear and anxiety we continued our walk and the moment we start to hear the gushing noise of the waterfall we absolutely forgot the elephants threat and started to enjoy the fresh rusty color waterfalls due to monsoon .

Then we all decided to climb the waterfalls near the water flow itself because it’s not too steep . Only in a few places it was a bit difficult to climb, however we helped each other to reach the top of the waterfall and its almost one km trek.

Dhumiko Halla Waterfall

Gushing Waterfall


PC : Chandru from Bangalore Explorers

Now we have started to explore how to reach the main road where we have parked our car. We took a few risks to cross the gushing stream and crossed a small valley to reach our vehicle.

Exploring the way to reach the main road – on top of the hill

Within 70Kms from Bangalore, it’s a wonderful place with winding roads, paddy fields, rose plantations, Jowar fields, Beans plantation, coriander leaf plantation, valley and hills with dark clouds chasing us.

Pictures of Dhumiko Halla Waterfall trip:

Yellow Flowers Plantation on the hills

Winding roads and water overflowing across the road

Beans field

Coriander Leaf Plantation




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