River Cauvery after winding its way from Karnataka, enters Tamilnadu and falls down as a huge waterfall in Darmapuri district. Hogenakkal means smoky rock, and best time to visit this place is after monsoon , called as   “Indian Niagara” and river Cauvery splits into multiple streams in Hogenakkal waterfall, one of the beautiful creation of nature.

To view the full waterfall need to opt for a boat ride, coracle ride is famous activity here . Separate sections available for gents and ladies to take a bath in the falls after descending  few steps. Oil massage and fish fry also famous here. After crossing the bridge if we walk down a little further we can find places to play in the water . Suitable for trekking in the surrounding area near the waterfalls. Good place to visit for a day trip from Bangalore. Also, people believe that the waterfalls have medical healing power as it flows through forest plants and trees.

The height of the Hogenakkal waterfall ranges from 15ft to 65ft.

Hogenakkal waterfall Pictures:

Waterfalls near Bangalore

Hogenakkal Waterfall (Picture courtesy google)

Waterfalls near Bangalore

Cauvery river flow at Hogenakkal waterfalls


Waterfalls near Bangalore

River side to play in water at Hogenakkal

Waterfalls near Bangalore

Bath area at Hogenakkal waterfalls

Lots of People from nearby villages also visits here and facilities available to cook food for big crowd. Take little extra time to find a clean place with less crowd to spend good time there.

Tips :

No good food joints available here, hence better to carry lunch and snacks.

Dress changing place is also available.

People used to buy fresh fishes and cook there itself.

Distance : 180Kms from Bangalore and 46Kms from Dharmapuri district in Tamilnadu



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